Top Tech Car Features

When it comes to car technology, the industry is ever-changing, with more and more cats fitted with the most revolutionary and handy pieces of tech you can find – and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

At Chrome Car Hire Bromley, we have a range of vehicles fitted with the best technology suited for your needs. Our vehicles range from economy basics to the best of luxury vehicles suited for business executives, as well as allowing you to stand out completely from the crowd due to the vehicle wrapping we undertake on our vehicles.

Most cars are fitted with too many high tech features to count, but here’s an outline of 5 of the most helpful tech features a car can have.

Adaptive Cruise Control

It may seem like cruise control is nothing new to shout about, but the developments with cruise control are certainly worth knowing – and for most-drivers, they are a miracle in gridlock traffic. Vehicles fitted with advanced cruise control systems are able to come to a complete halt in traffic rather than just controlling speed, and can even set off a little bell to let you know when the car in front of you has begun to move. Not only that, but it is a must-have safety feature to keep you cruising at the correct speed and prevent accidents. They’re also great for avoiding speeding.

Heated and cooled Seats

A lot of drivers these days swear by having high tech cars fitted with warmed seats. They can be a blessed relief in the colder months, especially if you’re commuting during the dark, early hours and your car has transformed into a block of ice. There’s nothing like the feeling of being warm and toasty in your seat.

However, being unbearably warm when driving is just as bad as being frozen solid when needing to drive – in fact, some may consider it worse when you’re slowly sweating your sanity away. That’s why cooled seats are an amazing feature. The air con can only get you so far during those hot summer days, and cooled seats are a quick and easy way to lower your body temperature right down and have a pleasant driving experience without turning into a puddle on your seat.

Apple CarPlay

One of the biggest beneficial changes regarding automotive technology is the development in car radios and the ability to connect your smart device to your vehicle. Having a vehicle fitted with CarPlay capabilities means you have access to an easy-to-use system which displays all your usual and helpful apps, and allows you to use your car radio as you would your smartphone. This means you can make calls and construct messages easily and safely, and also have access to the best music from your smart device and enjoy it all while you’re driving.

Wireless Phone Chargers

There is nothing worse than tangled, long wires, no matter where you are, but especially inside your car. The charging ports for your vehicle are usually found right by the stick, meaning you usually have a long wire getting tangled every time you want to shift gear. Not anymore, with the wireless phone charging capability! This means no more wires, no more mess, and a discreet little port to charge your devices without anything getting in the way. The world is going wireless, and so should your vehicle!

It’s wonderful when you have your own vehicle and can set everything up how you want it, just right. A lot of people don’t have that luxury, however, when needing to share a vehicle within a household – which means jumping in your car for the morning commute and realizing somebody has fiddled with all the knobs, adjusted the seat and moved the mirrors.

With driver profile capabilities, however, the stress is significantly limited. This feature allows a driver to save and store their driving preferences, in order to easily return to how everything was before another person began messing with it.

This feature varies depending on the level of driver profiling in the car – it could be anything from storing your favourite radio stations to remembering how you like your preferred climate setting, to larger details such as the position you like to have your mirrors in.

This saves a lot of time and effort, to say the least.

If you’re looking for a rental car with specific high tech features and technology, don’t hesitate to speak to the team at Chrome Car hire in Bromley, and let us find the perfect vehicle for you.