Top 5 places to visit the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the favorite and most demanding tourist destinations in Europe. The mesmerized beauty of Scotland, England, Wales, and Netherland just make it eternal. The country is enriched with cultural heritage and diverse scenery. The tourists get a chance to enjoy the glory of beauty in various flavors which consists of world-class museums, art galleries, country estates, and castles. Enjoying a vacation in the UK is one of the greatest feelings. Here we are mentioning the top 5 places to visit in the United Kingdom so whenever you plan, do not miss to visit here.


If you miss visiting London while traveling across the UK then the trip will certainly not be completed. There is a cluster of attractions that will keep your mind engaged and provide a unique experience about creativity. The Tower of London is the most suitable place to know the history of the country which is located on the bank of the River Thames. The place has white towers which are 1000 years old and people used to come to see this iconic tower. Furthermore, do not miss the chance to see the royal family of Britain that is Buckingham Palace. This is London’s Royal home since the administration of Queen Victoria. Apart from that, other famous places that one can explore are Parliamentary Buildings, Big Pen, South Kensington, Natural History Museum and Trafalgar Square.

Edinburgh: Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the attractive places in Scotland which is also its capital. The beautiful place is known for keeping the historic values and popularly known as the home of the majestic Edinburgh Castle. From this castle, the visibility of the rest of the historic monuments is quite clear. Royal Mile is one of such monuments that are known for its fine architecture, cafes, art galleries, restaurant as well as the mind-blowing Place of Holyroodhouse. In order to have an experience of shopping and dining, one can explore Princes Steet.

Roman-Era Bath

The place has got its name because of Roman Baths and visitors get excited about such the place. The place comes in the smaller cities of the UK but it attracts visitors to its healing waters for the last 2000 years or perhaps more. As per the facts, there are 3 springs that contribute to the water and 43 unique elements exist in it. On a daily basis, 275,000 gallons of water flow at a temperature of 46.5 degrees Celsius. In case, the bath is no possible there are lots of spa-centers available and Thermae Bath Spa is one of the best service providers.

Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

The place is considered as a spiritual place from the last 4500 years where pilgrimages do worship. The place is the oldest world heritage site which is spread in the range in the rage of 20 square kilometers and creating a state f the art visitor center. It caters to the construction of Stonehenge. To visit the place one should have an advance booking of the tickets. Do not forget to visit Salisbury which is 16 km away from Stonehenge where you will get a chance to see the original Magna Carta.

Wonderful Windsor

In order to have some fun activities during the tour, make sure to visit Windsor which is located in the west of London. To reach the place a short train will be needed which is available easily. The place offers to do funny things where you will be able to see the Thames on one side and so many medieval half-timbered buildings on the other side. Windsor is one of the most famous royal castles of the UK. The place has State Apartments which consists of Queen’s Gallery and dining hall. At 10 KM away there is a big and beautiful ground of castles hence you should miss that as well. Legoland Windsor and Royal Ascot are few other attractive places to visit.

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