Renting American vs European Cars - The differences

Where’s your next trip leading you? Are you flying to Barcelona on business or taking a week-long jaunt up to the mountains of Scotland? Wherever you’re headed next, a rental car from Chrome Car hire in Bromley can help get you there. But before you decide on a ride, you may have a few questions. For instance, if you’ve only ever rented in the U.K, it’s worth asking how the process works in other parts of the world, such as the U.S? Is renting in Europe the same as picking up an American car? How do the laws and standard practices vary?

Once you check out the following facts, you can rent with confidence on either side of the Atlantic, whether you’re planning to motor past the Arc de Triomphe, circle the Space Needle or see any point in between.

What Sizes and Types of Cars Are Available in Europe vs. America?

One natural question that will come up when you’re considering renting a car in US is the selection of vehicles you’ll have to pick from. Drivers in other countries tend not to share the U.K. preference for big cars in the burgeoning SUV Market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t find a vehicle to your liking at a US rental agency.

US dealerships, and rental car fleets by extension, offer cars, trucks and vans originating around the world, from Japanese cars such as Nissans to German offerings such as Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs and more. From a full-size van to carry a whole work team to a sleek Mercedes Jeep, you’ll have plenty of vehicles to choose between on your next overseas trip or vacation.

One of the marks of a good car rental location is the availability of different car and Van classes, from heavy SUVs to affordable compact cars. Businesses around the world can offer this type of service, ensuring you’ll find the right ride in Europe, North America or anywhere else you roam. Chrome Car Hire Bromley is no different.

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Are Rental Rules and Driving Laws the Same in Europe as in North America?

There are a few questions to answer before renting a car anywhere in the world. For instance, are you of age to rent a vehicle in your chosen country or state? US Today notes that the restrictions around young renters differ somewhat across Europe. For example, rental providers may demand drivers be 25 or over in some countries while renting to 23-year-olds elsewhere.

It’s always worth checking with the company before you take off for your trip to make sure there aren’t extra charges or laws for you to encounter. Some European and US countries also impose a maximum age on rentals, so if you’re 70 or over, it pays to ensure you’re allowed to rent in your destination of choice.

Once you verify that you meet international age rules, check on the rules of the road. Driving in the U.K. and other nations that use the left side of the road will likely be the biggest culture shock for an American driver, but there are plenty of other norms and laws to understand, from signage definitions to traffic light etiquette. Safety is fundamental no matter where your trip takes you.

What Are Driver’s License Requirements Like in Various Countries?

Some countries will let you drive with aEuropean driver’s license, no new paperwork needed. That’s not true everywhere, however, so your licensure status is something else to check before you jaunt to Europe. AA recommends applying for an International Driving Permit when driving abroad, as this document is accepted in 150 countries as a valid driving credential and form of identification. When you have such a widely accepted permit, you can avoid fines across a huge swath of the world.

Do Rental Payment Methods Differ between America and Europe?

When you work with a rental provider that operates in North America and Europe, you’re likely in luck when it comes to simple and recognizable payment methods. For example, when using the Advantage website to secure your US rental vehicle in advance, simply enter your credit card information and you’re ready to pick up your vehicle when you arrive at the counter. While the Advantage website will not accept credit card information for an international rental, international rental agencies accept all major credit cards.

Will You Need Specialty Insurance Driving Overseas?

Your insurance situation and coverage may vary from one country to the next.