How to clean your car and make it Coronavirus free

We all are pretty aware of the circumstances of the present era and the environment is very critical. Yeah, we are talking about the most dangerous virus that has spread its legs to all the verticals of the globe and everywhere only one thing is being discussed, that is “CORONA VIRUS”. COVID-19 is the name of the bacillus that is spreading everywhere. We have seen the conditions of other nations like China & Italy and now we all have to be proactive in order to defeat the disease in India.

We cannot deny the fact that the condition is very dangerous but rather creating panic, we need to be smart and active. There are certain precautions that must be followed. We, Chrome Car Hire in Bromley make an appeal to stay safe and sharing some major precautions that you should take while cleaning the wheels and make it Coronavirus free.

Client safety is our prime agenda and by seeing the present scenario it is pretty sure that cleanliness is the major demand to defeat the germ. Most of us are working and every day we need to go out. Apart from that in order to fulfill the need for daily routine, we have to move out. Hence whenever you use your 4-wheeler or other vehicles, make sure to rinse it properly first. By following the safety precautions you are safeguarding the life of yours and your loved ones. Car Hire Company in Bromley has made some major points through which the effect of the Coronavirus will get removed and you will be safe. So now let’s have a look of the safety majors:

Steps that should be followed to clean the car and make it corona virus-free:

Wash all the parts of the vehicle prior to driving

Before going outside, precisely vacuum the automobile and especially the areas that come in touch like steering, seat belt, knob, door, Handbrake lever, keys, etc. The microorganism is majorly getting spread due to touch and hence that should always be in mind.

Clean your own hands with soap

After the first activity, do not forget to wipe or sanitize yourself as well. Once both these steps are done then now you are free to travel anywhere.

Grey Areas should not be avoided

There are certain places in a four-wheeler that may not get in touch like a mirror, headliner, etc. But you should wipe them as well because the COVID-19 may get stick to it as well. Hence we should be very careful while attending these areas.

HVAC unit sanitation

As we all know the HVAC unit has the provision to circulate the flow of air and it has the possibility of carrying infected bacteria. So while vacuuming the wheels, treat the HVAC unit as a major source and cleanse the air filter as well. Summer season is favoring us and purification of filters will be easier. You can use a disinfectant spray to wipe the unit. Always brush it by removing and again placing it there.

Keep sanitizer along with you

While driving, always carry hand sanitizer. This is needed because if we touch any substance of the outside it may have infected phage and if we touch the door of the vehicle, steering or key without proper sanitization then it will get spread. Hence it is better to keep the sanitization process on.

After returning home, wash the vehicle again

Once you are back then before entering inside, once again follow the first step means, again wash the entire car and sanitize yourself. Your one action will save many lives.

Chrome Car Hire company hopes for the health of all the individuals and hence whatever comes our way in order to stay safe will keep sharing with you all. This is high time guys and we all need to fight against the same. Unity has the power and this is the time to show the same. Follow the above-mentioned ways in order to stay safe. If any kind of query comes in regard to the same, feel free to get in touch with Car Hire Company in Bromley. Our assistance is always available. Let’s Defeat Corona!!!