Chrome Car Hire - Insurance FAQs

Do I need I need insurance if I hire a car? What are my options?

Whether you are taking a trip for business or for leisure, a car should be a worry free aspect of your journey. To help you reach this ideal peace of mind, you will find the answers to some key questions below. The answers below will allow you to Hire a car at Chrome Car hire in confidence.

Is it required?

You do not need to purchase your own insurance when taking a vehicle out with us. Here at Car Hire in Bromley, you are completely & fully covered through the various platforms we use to hire our vehicle to you. Any Insurance you choose to take out at the point of hire is an option for you to consider, never a requirement.

Are the rules the same around the UK?

The rules are exactly the same wherever you are hiring a vehicle from us, whether you are Hiring a Chrome Car in Bromley from Chrome Car Hire, a selection of vehicles from Thrifty Car Rental UK, Enterprise Car Rental UK or Europcar Bromley, you are covered by the same legislations. You have nothing to worry about.

Can I take the car overseas?

You can take the car to various cities and countries around Europe with some exclusions. You will be notified of these exemptions by a member of staff at Chrome Car hire at the time of booking.

What extras are available?

While you are bever required to purchase insurance, you may want to consider the extra liability coverage offered by us at Chrome Car Hire. Collision Coverage is designed to offset any damage caused to the vehicle during the rental period, whilst liability coverage helps pay for damages or injury to others while you are within the period of your car hire.